Up to 53 new Škoda trolleybuses to run in Plzeň

A Škoda 27 Tr trolleybus. Credit: Škoda GroupA Škoda 27 Tr trolleybus. Credit: Škoda Group

The trolleybuses are a combination of standard and articulated trolleybuses with sliding doors.

Škoda Electric won one of the biggest tenders of 2022 for the supply of new trolleybuses. Pilsen City Transport Company (PMDP) signed a framework contract for the delivery of up to 33 Škoda 26Tr and up to 20 Škoda 27Tr trolleybuses, Škoda Group announced in a press release. The tender had no other participants.

The delivery will begin next year, and the framework contract runs until 2030. The total value of the contract is CZK 935 million. Articulated trolleybuses are to be delivered from 2025. The vehicles will have sliding doors, a feature usually seen on trams, expanding the space significantly and making boarding faster and easier.

Škoda 26Tr trolleybuses are 12 meters long, the articulated Škoda 27Tr trolleybuses are 18 meters long. The vehicles are equipped with traction batteries that allow operation in sections with no overhead lines, thus ensuring service in more remote parts of the city. The trolleybusses will have Solaris bodywork and will be fully air-conditioned. An information and check-in system as well as security cameras will be fitted in the vehicles.

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