Warsaw Metro Line 2 opens three new stations

Bródno metro station. Credit: Metro WarszawskieBródno metro station. Credit: Metro Warszawskie

Line 2 will connect Bemowo and Bródno and will have 21 stations. A 4-kilometer section is yet to be completed.

In Warsaw today, three new metro stations have opened in the northeastern section of Line 2; passengers from Zacisze, Kondratowicza, and Bródno stations now have a 20-minute connection to the city center. The contractor for the work, worth over EUR 284 million, is a consortium of Gülermak and Astaldi. The European Union subsidized the construction. 

The minimalist design in white and grey is the work of ILF, which has already designed three stations on the line (Szwedzka, Targówek Mieszkaniowy, and Trocka). Bródno station with its eleven-track siding for train turnarounds is spread over ca. three hectares. In Kondratowicza station, an underpass has been built in the direction of the future tram line. The tunnel includes two moving walkways of 50 and 36 meters respectively; this is the first time moving walkways were used in the Warsaw Metro.

With the new section, the Warsaw Metro Line 2 is now approximately 19 kilometers long and includes 18 stations. A four-kilometer western section remains to complete the entire line; it will connect Bemowo and Bródno and include 21 stations. The line has been in operation since 2015, with the city also planning a line 3.

Warsaw metro map. Credit: Metro Warszawskie

Warsaw metro map. Credit: Metro Warszawskie


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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