Železniční dodavatelská designs hydrogen locomotive

A ČD Cargo class 742 locomotive being dismantled. Credit: Václav ŠafářA ČD Cargo class 742 locomotive being dismantled. Credit: Václav Šafář

The Czech company is looking for its first customer. The locomotive is intended for companies with industrial sidings.

Železniční dodavatelská, a member of Thein Industry, has completed work on the development of a new hydrogen-powered locomotive. It will be based on class 742 locomotive and is intended primarily for use in shunting and freight services.

The locomotive exists in design for now. Its designers have been working on problems such as storing fuel cells in the locomotive and using the stored energy to power the locomotive. A buyer is expected to be found by the end of the year, after which production and approval processes will begin.

The new locomotive is expected to have a capacity of 2,550 kWh of traction energy, with an output of between 600–700 kW. In addition to fuel cells, it will be supplemented by a battery stored in the chassis. A presentation of the locomotive can be downloaded here.


Edited and translated by Lucie Trávníčková

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